The Legend of Podunk Hollow

Thank You to every one that participated in the


2015 field day at the ERC's new Club room. 


Members and freinds came by to operate and


catch up with freinds and get a chance to


meet face to face in some cases for the first






Saturday and Sunday June 27 and 28

Holy Family Church


Granite City, Illinois


We are cleaning up and getting the operations room setup for operating feild day from our new club room this year.  We have anttenas up, radios setup and emergency power ready to go.  All we need now is operators.  We will be operating for the full 24 hours so come down and visit, operate, or just keep us company. 


We will be monitoring 146.76 for any of you that need help finding us.  You need not be a member of the Egyptian Radio Club, or even a Ham to come down and take part in this years field day.  This will be our first year operating from our new club room and we would be happy to have you come by so we can show off our new space.